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http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/346/50/50/ NORTHLAND OUTDOORS
Mid-Winter Fishing Patterns Still in Control
The first week in February has been cold, with temperatures dipping back below zero most nights, with highs in the single digits or low teens. Anglers are still able to get around on the lakes ...
2/5/18 at 10:59 AM
How Birds and Mammals Survive the Winter 11/22/17 at 10:04 AM
Lake Ice Still Treacherous Due to Weather Ups and Downs 11/22/17 at 10:03 AM
Balmy November Weather Isn’t in the Cards for Outdoors Enthusiasts This Year
I spent the Sunday of last years Minnesota firearms deer season opener in a boat on the Rainy River fishing walleyes. The fish were biting, and the day was gorgeous, with a high temperature that fli...
11/2/17 at 11:14 AM
Bad Weather Prompts North Dakota Game and Fish Department to Reschedule Advisory Board Meetings Set for Tonight and Tuesday 11/28/16 at 2:48 PM
N.D. Game and Fish postpones Tuesday night meeting in Minto until Dec. 9 12/2/13 at 11:20 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/72/50/50/ ASTRO BOB
What Will the Weather Be Like on Eclipse Day?
Everyone hoping to see the eclipse all share one thought will it be clear? Looking into weather trends from previous Augusts, the western half of the path stands a better chance of clear skies than...
8/8/17 at 6:03 PM
New GOES-16 Weather Satellite Beams Back Beautiful (And Useful) Photos of Earth 1/23/17 at 7:29 PM
Cosmic Rays Are Beating up on Key Space Weather Satellite 11/1/16 at 3:08 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/342/50/50/ NIE ROCKS!
Ground Hog Day
Information and activities are from KRP's Ultimate Holiday Activity Guide and Understanding Weather from the NIE Institute. Does the groundhog seeing his shadow on Groundhog Day really mean anything?...
2/2/17 at 3:41 AM
Cool off with these ideas 7/17/15 at 10:07 AM
We're looking for kid weather anchors! 7/7/14 at 9:07 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/356/50/50/ STAFF BLOGSTORM TRACKER
Cold to Return
The break in the cold weather has been pleasant for fingers, toes, and other extremities. However, it is likely that Arctic air will return this winter. The upper-atmospheric circulation around the N...
1/20/17 at 9:13 PM
Midwinter 50s Are Rare 1/20/17 at 9:05 PM
Joint Pain Might Not Be a Sign of Changing Weather 1/20/17 at 9:02 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/1291/50/50/ FARGO PUBLIC LIBRARY
‘Historic Blizzards on the Plains’ Presentation Jan. 22 at Fargo Public Library
Have you heard of Tornado Alley? Did you realize there is also a Blizzard Alley?The Northern Plains and especially the Red River Valley record more blizzards than anywhere else in the lower 48 states....
1/20/17 at 4:30 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/1929/50/50/ THE ARTS CENTER: CULTURE BUILDS COMMUNITY
Navigating the Weather – Rescheduled Exhibit Reception
I feel like a bit of a hypocrite, in last week's blog I encouraged everyone to "get-over" winter, brave the elements and get to the reception last Thursday, only to panic and cancel/postpone the event...
1/17/17 at 10:17 AM
#EmbraceWinterMovement and Become Part of an Exhibit 2/26/14 at 4:57 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/1911/50/50/ FARMBLEAT
All I Want for Christmas
Back in 1973, I was a mere toddler when Merle Haggard hit No. 1 on the country music charts by crooning, If we make it through December, everythings gonna be alright. The song popped into my head the...
12/20/16 at 10:47 PM
Let It Snow! 12/10/16 at 12:17 AM
Embracing change 10/29/15 at 9:50 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/1221/50/50/ STAFF BLOGAG RIGHT WITH AGWEEK REPORTER JONATHAN KNUTSON
Good for Ducks, Bad for Farmers
LANGDON, N.D. -- I always visiting Langdon, a farm town in northern North Dakota. I'm here again today for two stories that will run in future editions of our magazine. This has been a tough growin...
8/9/16 at 2:24 PM
Fraternity of farmers? Be skeptical 5/6/16 at 9:45 AM
Wow, what a day for crops! 7/10/15 at 11:57 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/2659/50/50/ BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF NORTH DAKOTA
I’m going to Frostival and here’s why you should, too
Unlike most North Dakotans, I dont complain about the cold. In fact, I usually tell people to take a chill pill about the wind chill. Get down with layering up. Shivering is just the cold keepin...
1/28/16 at 4:00 PM
Koselig: How to Embrace and Make the Most Out of Winter 11/24/15 at 11:42 AM
The Ultimate Guide to Surviving North Dakota Cold Weather 2/24/14 at 10:06 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/3582/50/50/ THE OUTLET
Saving energy during cold weather
Here are a few tips from Cass County Electrics energy management team to keep your winter energy use in check: Download the SmartHub mobile app. With SmartHub, you can become your own energy detecti...
1/13/16 at 4:59 PM
It's the Perfect Time of Year for Some Weatherization 10/10/14 at 3:47 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/1909/50/50/ FARGO CASS PUBLIC HEALTH
Wildfire Smoke Continues To Affect North Dakota
As wildfires continue to burn across Canada, smoke and hazy conditions will persist in North Dakota over the coming days. The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) reminds residents with respirato...
7/7/15 at 9:18 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/3203/50/50/ STAFF BLOGBISON MEDIA BLOG
Thursday's hot links
We call this entry the hot links, but cold links might be more appropriate. In Frisco, the temperatures are downright chilly. It certainly won't be T-shirt weather for most of the fans on Saturday. ...
1/8/15 at 10:50 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/361/50/50/ THE DULLUM FILE
Sam Champion
We're going to be talking soon on WDAZ News @5 with Sam Champion of The Weather Channel....
2/28/14 at 12:52 PM
The Bob Zany Last Minute New Year's Eve Extravaganza for Fellow Stranded Travelers 1/1/11 at 7:03 AM
Staying Warm 12/25/09 at 2:05 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/3529/50/50/ VILLAGE FAMILY SERVICE CENTER
Photo post: Beauty in unusual places
Today I (Village Digital Marketing Specialist Shane Mercer) took the camera around The Village's Fargo office to snap some images of the beautiful winter sunlight. Funny how beauty can show up in unus...
2/14/14 at 6:23 PM
Photos from The Village: The blizzard conditions are cold and blustery, but they make nice images 1/16/14 at 1:00 PM
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