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Don Davis, Forum News Service


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Minnesota political notebook: What to watch at the conventions PressPass

ST.PAUL - People attending next weekend’s Minnesota state political conventions may wonder if they are in the right place. Democratic-Farmer-Labor party delegates meet in Duluth, while Republicans are packing their bags for Rochester. But once in place, delegates may discover the feeling in the two convention halls to be very different than usual.


MN legislators work toward adjournment as House passes bounding bill PressPass

ST. PAUL - Minnesota representatives approved a pair of public works funding bills spending more than $1 billion early today as lawmakers head toward what they hope is adjournment for the year in the coming hours.

Minnesota political notebook: Sunday liquor sales an evergreen issue PressPass

ST. PAUL - Rod Skoe doesn’t understand why Sunday drinkers can’t plan ahead. Roger Reinert doesn’t understand why the state puts Minnesota liquor stores at a disadvantage to those in Wisconsin.


House, Dayton put Minnesota closer to medical marijuana PressPass

ST. PAUL - Friday was a good day for Jeremy Pauling and others who have worked long to make medical marijuana legal in Minnesota. An overwhelming House vote favored medical marijuana, then Gov. Mark Dayton said he could sign the House bill into law.


Minn. Senate unveils its $1 billion-plus bonding plan PressPass

ST. PAUL – The last remaining major puzzle piece to finishing the 2014 Minnesota Legislature is set to be put in place.


Minnesota political notebook: AG urges clarifying get-out-of-jail-free provision PressPass

ST.PAUL - Minnesota legislators have carried what popularly is known as get-out-of-jail-free cards since the 1980s, with the understanding that showing the card would prevent them from being arrested for crimes when the Legislature is in session.


Minneapolis replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day PressPass

MINNEAPOLIS -- Minnesota's largest city will honor American Indians, not Christopher Columbus, on the second day of October. The Minneapolis City Council and Mayor Betsy Hodges on Friday unanimously approved a resolution making the change.


Lawmakers seek probe into Mankato football coach process PressPass

ST. PAUL - The Minnesota legislative auditor should put a priority on investigating the firing and last week's reinstatement of the Minnesota State University Mankato football coach, two key legislators say.


GOP offered bonding deal before bullying, wage votes PressPass

ST. PAUL – Republicans passionately fought an anti-bullying bill that the Democrat-controlled House passed in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, after a nearly 12-hour debate.

Dayton signs anti-bullying bill PressPass

ST. PAUL - Gov. Mark Dayton put pen on paper 15 hours after final legislative approval of an anti-bullying bill, enacting a new law requiring schools to have bullying prevention policies and providing guidance about how they would be written.

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Political notebook: Medical marijuana keeps producing controversy PressPass

ST. PAUL - Medical marijuana is a story that is not going away.


MNsure supporters see improvement in exchange PressPass

MNsure rolled out commercials with real people talking about how the state-run health insurance marketplace helped them.

Davis: Farm group leader calls for answers to propane shortage PressPass

Rural Midwesterners want answers to a long list of questions about the current propane crisis.

Minnesota political notebook: Single subject a tough subject PressPass

ST. PAUL - One of the most discussed provisions of the Minnesota Constitution is a requirement that every legislative bill may contain only one subject.


Capitol Chatter: Redistricting blamed for partisan gridlock PressPass

Everyone seems frustrated with congressional gridlock, and a couple of politicians at Farmfest think they know the problem: the every-10-year drawing of new U.S. House district boundaries.


Capitol Chatter: Bachmann promises she will remain active in government PressPass

St. Paul - Michele Bachmann promises to remain involved in government policy, but that promise has been heard from others who soon faded from the scene.


Capitol Chatter: Minnesota Capitol to see another round of gun law discussion PressPass

St. Paul - Call it Gun Week 2 in the Minnesota Legislature. The Senate Judiciary Committee plans meetings Thursday and Friday on bills written to curb gun violence. They likely will include proposals to ban so-called assault weapons and magazines with large numbers of bullets.


Minnesota Political Notebook: Nolan may use insider connection on farm bill PressPass

St. Paul - Rick Nolan sounds thrilled to sit on the U.S. House Agriculture Committee, and he hopes a personal relationship with the House speaker could help the cause.


Minnesota Political Notebook: GOP leader in Minn. House understands his place PressPass

St. Paul - Kurt Daudt knows he leads a group that has little say in what happens around the Minnesota Capitol.


Minnesota Political Notebook: Bills faces long odds against popular Klobuchar PressPass

St. Paul - Gov. Mark Dayton told a crowd gathered to hear former President Bill Clinton that each one of them is needed to elect Democrats on Tuesday because races are so close.