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Jack Zaleski


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Zaleski: Soon I’ll be howling at the moon PressPass

The new moon went by last week, but the calls and emails I got last week reflected the lunacy of a full moon. Maybe the lingering cold got to people. Maybe, trapped in overwarm houses, they’re a little stir crazy. Here’s a sample:


Zaleski: Online erodes spirit of the season PressPass

People who worship at the altar of the Internet and associated new technologies, rather than admit the obvious – they merely are tools – are in a happy frenzy that initial online holiday sales were up 17 percent over last year. The Black Friday weekend is said to have been good for online sales. It’s the beginning of the end of the physical act of shopping, online aficionados preach. No, it’s not.


Zaleski: That nice new car won’t get the love PressPass

My car was at the dealership a few days ago for routine service. It’s a new model that has all the bells and whistles that are standard on most of today’s cars. I like it a lot, although if I were ever called on to do the simplest of repairs, I’d be lost in the new auto technology world of modern engines and vehicle systems.


Review: Local artists highlight of Fargo-Moorhead Symphony opener PressPass

The playbill for Saturday night’s first-of-the-season Masterworks Concert Series by the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony covered a musical landscape that stretched from the early years of the 20th century to the early years of the 21st. Along the way, the receptive crowd in the Festival Concert Hall on the campus of North Dakota State University was treated to a marvelous performance by a young violinist and a reflective overture inspired by the Red River.


Zaleski: Book traces magical ND music story PressPass

DEVILS LAKE, N.D. - It’s hard to fathom in today’s entertainment culture of faux celebrity that at the end of the 19th century a German-born piano virtuoso was a superstar in the United States.


Zaleski: Pleasure to return to city that works PressPass

When I travel, I like to visit cities similar to Fargo. That is, cities that are regional centers for retailing, medicine, entertainment, education and the rest of the amenities that help define Fargo and the metro area.

Happy New Year? Well, not always… PressPass

I’ve always been ambivalent about celebrating the new year. I associate alcohol-besotted partying with memories of my childhood, when my father’s family gathered at our house New Year’s Eve for what was supposed to be a family event.

Joy and light in Christmas evergreen PressPass

For the past several years, I’ve received requests to reprint a Christmas column I wrote for The Forum in 1988. As in previous seasons, this year I heard from people who have wonderful Christmas tree memories.

Zaleski: North Dakota PSC gets no respect PressPass

All of us will be treated to a holiday reprieve from politics for the Christmas holidays. But until then …


Zaleski: Library of my youth was a grand place PressPass

The mini-flap over unpaid book fines at the Fargo Public Library stirred memories of my crimes at the New Britain public library in my Connecticut hometown. I owe ‘em a lot of money.


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Zaleski: More old songs that still can move us PressPass

Write about the “best” classic pop music and readers will respond from the heart, soul and gut. I’ve learned that lesson during the past couple of weeks after first revealing my favorites from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, and then following up with responses from readers who had their own favorites.


Zaleski: Music evokes sense of time, place PressPass

An East Coast friend, who was infected by Beatlemania in 1964 and has never recovered, could not believe I failed to include a Beatles song in my favorites from the three early decades of the rock ’n’ roll era. In last Sunday’s column, I took up a challenge from another friend: Pick one song from the ’50s, one from the ’60s and one from the ’70s that were especially meaningful. That “still moved me,” he said.


Zaleski: You know when the music is right PressPass

I’m preparing for my high school class reunion by visiting with friends and getting assurances they will attend. In one of those conversations, the music of our youth came up. A friend said: “Got a challenge for you. If you could pick one song from the ’50s, one from the ’60s and one from the ’70s – that still get to you when you hear them now – what would they be?”


Zaleski: It doesn’t get any sweeter than this PressPass

Chelsea, Vt. - I’ve discovered another way to enjoy the sweetness of my triplet granddaughters: sugaring in the woods near their Vermont country home a few miles outside of Chelsea.


Zaleski: A game warden’s fascinating story PressPass

North Dakota outdoors enthusiasts, particularly hunters and anglers, will enjoy a new book by retired game warden Bruce Burkett.


Zaleski: Trusting, happy and satisfied: Really? PressPass

Two surveys by the Gallop organization go a long way to explain North Dakotans’ satisfaction with what some might define as the status quo. The results also suggest that the majority political class in the state can rest easy as election time nears.

Zaleski: Carl Sagan: ‘We are made of starstuff’ PressPass

I am among a minority of Americans who believe the nation should restore space exploration to a priority.


Zaleski: One of the best leaves the newsroom PressPass

I’ve known Mike Jacobs since my first days in North Dakota.


Zaleski: Medical ‘studies’ can make you sick PressPass

People my age pay more attention to medical news. As a card-carrying member of the baby boom generation (that would be a Social Security card), I am in that category, as are many of my gracefully aging friends.


Zaleski: Intellectual fraud wins school vote PressPass

The phoniest argument “no” voters trotted out during their dishonest campaign to hamstring the Fargo School District’s budgeting flexibility was their self-righteous irritation that Davies High School was built without voter approval. If ever there was a canard predicated on perverse stupidity that was it.