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Jane Ahlin


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Ahlin: Avoiding uncomfortable words gives them power PressPass

Adults are comfortable with the word consent. It’s solid, clear; no offensive associations: Not “implied consent” or “coerced consent” (both terms suggest contradiction) but only consent itself. A person either consents or doesn’t. The word does not lend itself to fudging, especially when the larger subject is sex.


Ahlin: Huckabee is in lockstep with GOP view of women PressPass

No surprise that the Republicans chose a female legislator, House member Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, to deliver the official rebuttal to President Obama’s “State of the Union” speech. The need to appear female-friendly is front and center among Republican priorities this election year – especially after one of their religious media favorites refocused America on the party’s attitude toward women in a most unfortunate way.


Ahlin: An American Christmas of confusion, controversy PressPass

The Christmas story according to a 3-year-old particularly dear to my heart goes like this:


Ahlin: November: The month we love to love and hate PressPass

I love November. I hate November. On the upside, November is my birthday month and the month of Thanksgiving – a holiday that has remained simple and defied an onslaught of attempts to ruin it.


Ahlin: History is clear: Leaks are the American way PressPass

A cartoon by Joe Heller called “Cellphone Contract” shows a cellphone salesman telling a family, “That phone comes with a two-year contract and a lifetime of warrantless scrutiny.”


Ahlin: Like fledgling spring crops, friendship gains and grows PressPass

Time to check my crops. OK, “my” might not be the right word, since I don’t own the land and don’t know who does.

It’s a time of cosmic hope and the tenderness of love PressPass

For my birthday a good friend gave me a coaster that reads, “All I want is PEACE on EARTH…& a really cute pair of shoes.”

Ahlin: Trends in modern marriage harbingers of renaissance? PressPass

The analysis of marriage statistics released last week by the Pew Center doesn’t say much for the ongoing health of the institution. In fact, “marriage rates have hit a historic low.”


Ahlin: Even in heart of Bible belt, ‘personhood’ is a tough sell PressPass

What happens when the state criminalizes birth control methods? What happens when the state forces a 13-year-old incest victim to carry a pregnancy to term? What happens when the state stands between young couples with infertility problems and their ability to conceive?


Ahlin: Loss of CRP acres threatens North Dakota’s quality of life PressPass

Sunsets are earlier, nighttime temperatures dip into the low 50s; big yellow school buses are everywhere. Rational folks allow a moment on Labor Day weekend to sigh and bemoan the end of summer; yet, not everyone experiences that normal sense of loss.


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Ahlin: Not much new thinking about school populations PressPass

What a disappointment to see Fargo Public Schools administrators and board settling on tired ideas for balancing school populations. In maps of proposed attendance areas, they uncreatively move a line south – as if 30 years of rejecting that idea had not occurred. Even odder, the plan comes at a time when the buzzword for city officials is “infill.” The two ideas are incompatible.


Ahlin: How much I wanted to go; how much I wanted to stay PressPass

My mother said, “This is the hard part.”


Ahlin: Perhaps we aren’t as far apart as we think we are PressPass

Two big news stories this week reconnected us to societal limits.


Ahlin: Just like the Fargo you know and love, isn’t it? PressPass

Could it really be 18 years? Indeed, 18 years passed between “Fargo,” the movie, and “Fargo,” the television show, which premiered this past week.


Ahlin: Developing countries wiser than North Dakota PressPass

On a recent trip to the South American countries of Peru and Ecuador, nothing was more impressive to my husband and me than the unwavering commitment of both nations to places of natural beauty, scientific significance and historical importance.

Ahlin: All that piety can’t hide Hobby Lobby hypocrisy PressPass

We Americans are used to hypocrisy. Heaven knows, the political world spins in it, and, sad to say, so does the politically focused religious world.

Ahlin: From Peru: a snapshot in form of our tour guide PressPass

The name of our Peruvian guide is Ciro (pronounced, “see-roh” with a good roll of the “r”).


Ahlin: Vote ‘yes’ for the future of Fargo public schools PressPass

The subject of mill levies doesn’t make for dazzling dialogue. Unless we see mill levy authority as being abused or as unreasonable, it’s ho-hum stuff likely to make our eyes glaze over. Still, it’s important, so let’s do our best to talk about it.


Ahlin: Mary ponders right to kill someone who ticks you off PressPass

The sun was shining, the only jacket I needed for warmth was a layer of fleece, and we had friends joining us for dinner.


Ahlin: Our humanity depends on completing the task PressPass

The title caught my eye: “The Lost Art of the Condolence Letter.”